Art and Healthy Brain Function

Creating artwork, or having an arts education, you can express yourself in the medium of your choice (drawing, photography, sculpture, graphic design, etc.) and let others know what you’re thinking without using words. Children and young people who participate in art classes get a much-needed outlet for their imagination and creativity. Artistic work encourages you to accept more ideas, question more assumptions, and look at things differently. Learning art helps you exercise your brain, which makes it work better.

Engaging in art activities, experiencing art enhances brain function by impacting brain wave patterns, emotions and nervous system. The brain is a predictive machine that uses information about what has happened to make decisions about what we need to do next to survive. Creating art allows you to make decisions and interpret images, figuring out what it means and helping you face potential futures as well as imagine better, more hopeful ones. Art accesses many of the advanced processes of the human brain, such as intuitive analysis, expressivity, and embodied cognition. Artists are often better observers and have better memory, and this may be due to how art affects the brain’s plasticity. Making art can help you be more present, and it activates a variety of networks, including relaxed reflective state, focused attention, consciousness and pleasure. Art is extremely useful in curing brain related diseases. A lot is happening both in our mind and body when we create art. Research shows that participation in art activities benefits people with Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that creativity reduces agitation, and provides a way to connect for those who suffer from verbal communication challenges as Alzheimer’s progresses. Art therapy is also helpful for kids suffering from ability to focus, low memory and improves their concentration levels. They grow more observant while dealing with the methods and techniques in art classes. This enhances their ability to recollect all the steps and increases brain function. Art teaches us to think in a different way and develop a broader perspective, appreciating all cultures and traditions .

Hence engaging in art and craft ensures healthy brain development of a child. Research in the field of art therapy is still ongoing, but many are finding that engaging in art therapy reduces stress which is essential for healthy brain function. Creating art can reduce cortisol levels for both those who identify as artists and those who don’t, so no matter your skill level, everyone can benefit from making art. 




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