Walkin Registration

Walkin Registration
Walkin Registration


Step into Creativity: DEX Art Regular Classes !

Elevate your artistic journey with our exclusive one-hour art class, where inspiration meets the canvas in just 90 minutes! No reservations needed—simply walk in, unleash your creativity, and experience the joy of creating your own masterpiece.

What to Expect:

🎨 Guided by expert instructors

🎨 All skill levels welcome

🎨 A fun and immersive art experience

Why Walk-In:

✨ Spontaneous creativity

✨ Stress-free registration

✨ Immediate artistic gratification

Embrace the unplanned and dive into the world of art with our one-hour walk-in registration. Unleash your imagination, meet fellow art enthusiasts, and discover the joy of expressing yourself through art. Join us for an hour of inspiration and creation