Art for communication

The best visual medium to generate efficient communication skills in students is art. It is probably the most effective way to articulate or profess one’s imagination and express what one feels. Art as a medium to communicate has been used for ages by human beings to document their lifestyle, cultural entities, ethnic traditions, and even stories of civilizations. Likewise for children, creating art expands their ability to interact with the world around them, and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication.

Research and studies show that a child can explore his internal world more when he practices drawing, painting, and clay modeling. It helps kids to tell stories without texts and express what they visualize; unfolding several hidden layers of their minds. 

Children should be encouraged to speak about their art or the artwork of artists. This lively interaction offers an excellent opportunity to build their vocabulary skills, develop the clear articulation of ideas, and sharpen the powers of observation skills. All these types of participation and discussions are useful for a child in all fields of his academic and overall development. 

The results of numerous studies by scholars reflect that sculpting is a tactile medium that helps children improve their speech disorders. If a child struggles with speech, comprehension, language, or any other aspects of communication, he or she can greatly benefit from the opportunity to communicate through art. They learn to connect more with the outer world when they know how to express their inner world. The mindful practices provided by the art classes and the techniques that they learn, contribute to the social-communicative skills of the child. They understand how to visualize, analyze, and question which builds up their capacity to explain or demonstrate other things that they learn as they grow up.

Communication takes many forms, and art is a significant way that many people communicate their ideas and emotions. Allowing children to explore their artworks as well as other artworks through discussions, enables them to grow confidence when they speak and communicate in school or at home and also creative activities stimulate their speech which builds a strong speaking ability in children.





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