Art Enhances Concentration

Research and scientific evidence have successfully proven that art enhances brain function and helps children to concentrate in daily activities of life. It has an impact on brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system, and can actually raise serotonin levels. Practicing visual art can change the thinking pattern of a  child and the way they experience the world. Studies and brain research programs concluded that art and the brain work together to benefit a child in his/her educational and holistic  development. It also helps the child to develop focus and make him/her concentrate mindfully in every aspect of life.

In art classes children need to keenly observe the steps and techniques demonstrated by the art facilitators. Whatever the medium be, children learn to carefully pay attention to the processes being explained and practically shown in the class. Practice sessions in art classes help kids to coordinate their hands and eyes together which teaches them to engage mindfully and create their artworks. Creating artwork in drawing/painting classes, making 3D clay models, all are akin to meditation. It helps young children to calm down as they focus on the details of the work, and pay attention to the methods being taught in class. Kids who have problems with controlling emotions, anger and are more restless or anxious benefit largely from art lessons because fine art helps to block out all types of distractions from the mind and allows them to lower their stress levels. When they learn to control the mind, they learn to pay more attention and they improve their brain function. Decades of research have provided more than a sufficient amount of data to prove that arts education impacts everything from overall academic achievement to social and emotional development. That is the reason most of the special education institutes also have art in their curriculum to teach them focus and teach them how to concentrate. It is an invaluable way to self express, focus, communicate and address unresolved emotional conflicts. Art frees the mind from unnecessary thoughts and negative emotions. When the brain is free from all the stress and anxious thoughts, one is able to observe and focus on life more. Hence it ensures a healthy way of living too. 

Exploring the world of art and learning art history, interpreting works of great masters all help a child to develop a strong mindset and they are able to make decisions more mindfully. The consciousness of every child is important as we live in this world, look around, learn things and try to improve the world to make it a better place. And art is the priceless tool to enhance concentration levels and ensure healthy brain function in young children.


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