Art Enhances Memory

Recent studies by experts show that drawing is more efficient in memorizing than writing or other memorizing strategies. Mugging up for exams or byhearting your lessons won't really help your child to develop or improve his/her memory skills. So if your kids tend to doodle in classes while taking notes, you might have no reason to scold them. Today we will focus on the significance of learning art in developing a child’s memory.

Drawing can boost our memory because it incorporates three different types of sensory experiences. So the information processing includes semantic, kinesthetic, and visual aspects, which leads to more excellent absorption and ability to retain information in the memory. When we draw or paint we are actually translating the words into visual characteristics along with the meaning they carry which helps us to remember things easily. It also engages you to plan your hand movements as you draw and coordinate your hand movements with your eyes. And, of course, you visually inspect & analyze the image, watching how your drawing appears on the paper while focusing on this activity. Human brain can remember colors, shapes and symbols more easily than a piece of writing which has a lot of sentences in it. While making art, our hand, eye and brain all work together to imitate and bring up our observation on the surface of the paper/canvas we are working on. These all come together into a multi-sensorial experience that facilitates remembering and improving memory. Not only creating but experiencing art for example just enjoying some art pieces in a gallery can also positively impact how your memory works. Even though you might not engage all the three sensory parts discussed above, viewing art can do so much for your brain. It can improve your memory because we tend to retain information that comes with feelings easily. We often do not remember accurate details about specific experiences, but we clearly remember how we felt in that particular moment. And viewing artworks can make us feel lots of things, it can put our minds to work with interpreting the meaning of various art pieces, it can help us remember the history and idea of the time when it was created.

An essential aspect of a child’s mental health is developing or preserving the ability to retain information in their memory. Memory shapes our lives and the perception of our identities. By joining art classes you can enhance your ability to remember & recollect various moments from the past to operate the present more effectively. 

Join our classes to enhance & improve your memory skills and let your child unlock the power to retain information from every moment of his/her life!

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