Art Helps in Decision Making

Activities like clay modeling, painting & drawing involve a lot of planning. Children tend to visualize before executing the plan & this enables them to come up with strong decisions. Simply encouraging your child to pursue an art form will open up their imagination and ensure that they receive plenty of time to exercise their decision making skills. They might make mistakes but will learn to cope with them and learn to improve from their failures. 

All students who practice art learn how to come up with creative solutions considering all perspectives and approach the problem in a new way. Art education strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The experience of making decisions and choices in the course of creating art carries over into other parts of life. The ability to make a decision is important in all aspects of life and art is the best way to improve or strengthen it. Making choices as you go along seems to involve an element of intuition, and the confidence to follow a hunch, listen to the pull of curiosity, and draw from your own senses about what it is you would like to create. Visual art classes help children to realize what they aim for, building objectives to work on the final output. This creative process needs a lot of skill to make a good decision and also boosts confidence & self esteem in children. When they succeed in their plan, they learn to believe their decision, follow their imagination and grow up as effective planners. The ability to come up with a good plan solely depends upon the way you visualize your outcome and art classes are the best way to teach that. In art we learn to develop a finished project from scratch-starting with basics and developing an artwork. The quantity of colors we mix, density of pigments, controlling the line quality, molding shapes with a little pinch in the play doh everything requires a mindful approach to decide the best way to do it. Children in DEX Art, observe the practical demonstrations provided by the instructors in the live Zoom classes and make their best decision to execute it on their paper/canvas. 

Often creative projects can unfold and choices are made almost subconsciously according to our preferences and we might almost not even be aware that we are in fact making so many decisions all the time. However, whether or not we are aware that we are making decisions doesn’t necessarily matter- all kinds of creativity and creative projects can still facilitate confidence in making choices and decisions. So enrolling your child in art classes is the best way to improve decision making skills of your child.

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