Art Broadens Perspective

Perspective can be defined as a point of view, an opinion we develop toward how we see and respond to certain things in life. Human beings develop their perspectives through knowledge and experience. Visual art can broaden knowledge, give enjoyment, and challenge our assumptions; but it can also help soothe, calm, enlighten, and uplift the mind and spirit. Even art that leaves us uncomfortable can still help us to think differently and give us a new perspective. 

Engaging students in art activities help them to develop their thought process and observation. Along with learning new skills, the most important thing art teaches them is the way of seeing. Experiencing artwork at galleries or museums evokes a lot of emotions, raises questions in the mind and often meets the answers we were looking for. Observing art improves creativity because it broadens your perspective by introducing these new ways to look at the world. It invites inspiration by helping you think of things you wouldn't have thought of before. In the end, the art you observe inspires the art you create. Interpreting art allows students to use their brains in more complex ways. When looking at art, students evaluate, analyze, compare, criticize, and construct meaning. Students in our art classes learn techniques of painting, drawing, Manga, and cartooning which help them to connect with other cultures and bring in new ideas through art that forces students out of their comfort zone and into the world. We have informative discussions where instructors talk about the origin of the art form and how it has been adapted and modified into other styles. This process helps students to learn to respect things that are different from theirs and broaden their perspective. Looking at the artwork in a group connects the children as they reflect upon it and interact freely. It also connects them to the past, to the artist, to the culture, and develops a healthy way of looking beyond oneself. It’s a powerful feeling when you step back and look at it that way. A disciplined way of looking at art gives students a chance to notice details that they may not have seen with a quick look. It trains the student to be more aware of the world they are in. It expands their limited horizon of knowledge and helps them to excel in all life skills.

The involvement of young students in art activities enables them to observe, interpret and implement the concepts in other fields too. Hence it is clear that creating as well as experiencing art enables different ways of seeing and broadening the perspective of children. 



Join our classes to explore different cultural aspects and learn the skills to excel in all mediums of art. 

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