Art Inspires Architecture

Architecture is not just about the functional aspects of a structure. It also aims at being aesthetically enriched and timeless structure throughout the coming generations-encapsulating an interpretation of geography, material, nature, light, sound, space. Art plays a crucial role in developing architecture. Architects are also artists who experience and understand the surroundings before building the actual form. 

Every structure has to be planned on paper and developed through multiple sketches before taking form in the environment. The role of art in architecture is integral, as buildings embody the spirit of perseverance and creativity, resulting from imagination. We already know that art is the best way to improve imagination and observation skills. Every piece of art takes shape in the inner canvas of an individual’s mind before actually developing it in reality. DEX Art aims to sharpen the kids ability to imagine and explore all mediums of art. We prepare our young artists to visualize and plan before the execution of a project. This provides them with profound knowledge regarding how to plan each step. Learning principles of composition also guides them to understand concepts of space, perspective, balance and harmony. All these are essential when they later continue their journey in the field of architecture. The objective of architects is also to produce a permanent structure that reflects the history of the space or the city/country where it is built. Art has examples of timeless structures since ancient times which are explained to kids during the classes. Our trained facilitators practically demonstrate the immense amount of science and engineering involved in the creation of architectural marvels throughout different countries. Children become aware of their roots and know how structures change with time, their significance with respect to socio economic scenarios. 

Architectures of the past are constantly being studied to decipher new techniques, materials, and understand engineering. Contemporary architects continue to draw inspiration from old structures, and research about the  art and science behind it. The science of using art to arrange all details and find its place in a landscape,  process the technical knowledge through the role of an artist is the job of an architect and visual art is the building block of every architecture.

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