The Transformative Power of Art: Teaching Us to Respect Others

Art is a reflection of society and culture. It helps us understand what we are as human beings and influences how we relate to each other. Art is an expression of our inner thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It's also an expression of creativity that can be used for self-reflection or social influence. Today we are looking at the benefits of learning art to respect and care for others.

Learning visual art includes observing and understanding emotions of others’ creations. Honoring the process, engaging with the thoughts of the artist, helps an individual to develop a humble way of reflecting upon the feelings. When we look at an artwork, our brain starts a conversation with the picture we are viewing and we build a bridge between the work and our subjective feelings. We acknowledge the effort and time the artist has put into the work. This involvement teaches us to respect the thoughts and emotions of the creator and makes us practice how to appreciate and respect others. Art has multiple forms, styles and mediums. It can be a painting, printmaking, sculpture, performance, installation or merely a sketch. Sometimes it may happen that people and children are more inclined to portraiture, landscape paintings or other realistic art because they understand forms that are directly copied from the environment. Whereas other forms of abstraction can be a little difficult to grasp because they are an inspiration from the surroundings and not a direct depiction of the surrounding itself. It can be a reflection of the soul or mind and often a play of different mediums too. Joining art classes can help them to explore all forms and types of art where instructors explain the social and philosophical aspect of the work being created. Respect means that you accept somebody for who they are, even when they're different from you or you don't agree with them. Respect doesn't have to come naturally – it is something you learn. And art is the best possible way to learn how to respect and appreciate others. 

What you think and feel is just as important as what somebody else thinks and feels. In DEX Art we have discussions which help children value their art work and also they learn to appreciate the work of their friends. We believe that every child has possibilities and there is no end to learning. The more they learn to accept the differences the more they know that each one is the best at their own levels. We welcome all age groups and there is no comparison that can make them feel low. Every child is a budding artist and they create their own masterpieces. We guide and encourage them in their process of creation so that they learn to value the thoughts of others as well. Hence the process of practicing and appreciating art teaches children how to respect and value the feelings and perspectives of others.

Learn to appreciate and interpret art by joining our zoom classes and know how to be more respectful in life! 

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