Art In Automobile Engineering

An automobile can be called a sculpture in motion. It starts as a drawing that evolves into a clay sculpture and eventually a final form. Throughout the design process, it employs many of the basic elements of design, such as lines, curves, texture, and spatial emphasis. Art is created for a variety of reasons, from evoking an emotional response in viewers to communicating an idea or belief in a certain way (often non-verbal). Whereas vehicles are primarily created for transportation and to make money. These days engineers in the automotive industry work along with designers and artists to enrich aesthetic quality along with the functionality of the vehicle. 

Over the years, vehicle styles have changed just like the other forms of art, and looking back on periods of automotive history reflects the artistic values of the time. Much of the automotive marketing rests on the belief that some vehicles are visually and aesthetically more appealing. Design sells vehicles. A vehicle, especially cars and bikes can be a complete disaster in many ways, but if it is designed well, it might still sell. Good knowledge of art elements and empathy towards the emotions of customers can help engineers successfully create the vehicle and convey the notions of their concept to the people. People can connect through the colors, the shape, and the logo and they get impressed with the model. Art teaches how to design with harmony between shape and colors. It helps to compose with purpose and invent creative layouts with adequate functional arrangements. 

Drawing, sketching, planning, and building 3D models all are required in constructing an automobile. The outer appearance of a vehicle has become equally important as the inner part. Automobiles are not just a machine for transportation but they have become a part of the visible purchase, attached more to the lifestyle and personalities of people. People are emotionally attached to vehicles and they are mostly considered status symbols. And they are keen to buy vehicles that satisfy their visual needs in the social strata. Hence the visual construct is extremely significant in the original and actual construction of the vehicle. 

Thus we can vividly understand that visual art has a major role in the automobile industry in manufacturing smart designs of vehicles, marketing and selling new models, and satisfying the social and emotional needs of the people. So a better design will help in better marketing of the vehicle. And a strong background in visual art will be an effective tool for creating innovative prototypes in the automobile industry. 


Do you consider a vehicle to be a work of art? Let us know in the comments section what you consider when you go to buy a vehicle.

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