Awareness Through Art

We all understand that art has been used throughout history for communicating ideas & providing meaningful messages to the mass. It has an immense power to represent and reflect one’s thoughts. Concepts and ideas can travel through times and civilizations to reach the audience without the need for textual presentation. Visual art is also used for raising awareness to make people aware of their environment, society, culture, and history. 

Artists are creative thinkers in our communities who provide inspiration, joy, and interaction, but they also critically analyze and spread awareness regarding our economic, political, and social systems. Their thoughtful works help us to visualize and remain aware of contemporary problems and find a way to solve them. Instilling values, changing opinions, and translating experiences across space and time are all aspects of how art awakens society. The act of creating art is essentially a form of communication, used to share stories, images, and sounds between people from different cultures and times. It is often through art that social change is brought about. Art aims to raise awareness among a broad audience about the relevant natural issues such as climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss, pollution, or other physical and mental issues existing in society. Different languages & mediums of art shed light on the truth of challenging issues to help conceive a better future. Posters, campaigns, presentations, advertisements, exhibitions (of paintings, sculpture, drawing, photographs), and performing arts have profound effects on society in generating cultural or environmental awareness. Artistic practices encompassing both historical approaches to nature in art and more recent ecological and politically motivated types of works are popularly known as environmental art. Environmental art has evolved away from formal concerns, for example, monumental earthworks using earth as a sculptural material, towards a deeper relationship to systems, processes, and phenomena about social concerns. Renewable energy sculpture is another recent development in environmental art. In response to the growing concern about global climate change, artists are designing explicit interventions at a functional level, merging aesthetical responses with the functional properties of energy generation or saving. Practitioners of this emerging area often work according to ecologically informed ethical and practical codes that conform to Eco Design criteria.

We are constantly facing severe environmental and cultural changes and it is through the language of visual art we keep raising our voices; protesting against the flaws of the system and improving our lifestyle to make this world a better place to live in. 




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