Boost Yourself with Art

"Creativity in and of itself is important for remaining healthy, remaining connected to yourself and connected to the world," says Christianne Strang, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Alabama Birmingham and the former president of the American Art Therapy Association. Any kind of art like creating a painting, sketching, collaging, sculpting clay, doodling can help an individual to flex their imaginations, boost up our self esteem and navigate through tough times. 

According to a study published in ‘The Arts in Psychology’, coloring, doodling, free hand drawing results in significant activation of the medial prefrontal cortex which triggers the release of good hormones and helps us to de-stress and uplifts our mood, makes us creative thinkers and more able to solve problems. The easy access to the internet is a bliss when we seek information or look for instant answers. However as every coin has two sides, there is a lot of negative impact of social media on young children. Kids become addicted to their phone, computer and i pads spending long hours playing video games or watching videos which are often not useful. This might cause them to grow more lazy and procrastinate all day. These addictive behaviors can be controlled by enrolling kids into art classes. Short spans of artistic activities can improve self perceptions of creative abilities and regulate good mood hence boosting up their energy levels. They learn how to effectively utilize their time and engage creatively in all other aspects of life. Our brain is a predictive machine. It gathers up information and makes predictions of what we should do next, making plans often without our conscious thinking. In art classes, when you make art, you're making a series of decisions — what kind of drawing pencil to use, how to control the pressure of the pencil when you shade, the color mixing and application, how to translate what you're seeing onto the paper. And ultimately, interpreting the images — figuring out what it means. All these help a child to level up their power of interpreting, understanding and connecting to the world in a better way.

Apart from learning methods and techniques, art classes are also entertaining for students as they interact and participate, have fun while learning new mediums. Engaging in art activities, enrolling to art classes results in strong brain function and it's a reward to boost up your energy levels, making your child prepare for all challenges in life or other academic fields. 




Let your child explore the world and learn all techniques to paint/draw by joining our zoom classes. 


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