Building Self Confidence with Art

Engaging in art activities ensure not only development of creative skills, but it provides young children a holistic development in all academic and social aspects. Drawing, painting, clay modeling, craft lessons enable a child to gain a sense of accomplishment which encourages them to create more, think innovatively and build confidence in life. 

Art classes help students to learn about different forms of art. They are also allowed to experiment, explore new techniques and add their own touches to their creations. In DEX Art Academy, we have an expert team of art facilitators who are trained in all mediums and techniques. Their live demonstrations and informative discussions about the origin of art, implementation of colors, drawing and composition theories shape the mental growth of a child. They learn to observe, analyze and build on their own by observing these practical demonstrations in class. They are free to interact and ask anything to the teachers or moderators present in class which also helps them build the confidence of speaking. Sharing what they think helps them understand their perspectives and they are able to trust their opinions, value self-worth. Teachers help students to understand the concepts of art, acquire new skills and start a project from a few pencil marks to a beautiful drawing or painting. Children while following this process also learn how to plan, engage with each step and pay attention to the creative journey. All these generate a huge amount of confidence in themselves as they achieve a sense of accomplishment once the work is completed. 

These days due to immense academic pressure kids fail to keep confidence in themselves. They are constantly bothered about being outstanding, getting top scores and focusing on remarkable results. While we understand that it is essential to have a good academic performance, we shouldn't forget  that learning new things, gaining knowledge is more important than just scoring highest in the class. If we cannot encourage students to understand the value of acquiring knowledge, they will be stuck in the mere concept of competing, scoring and eventually lose confidence in their own abilities. Scoring less will make them feel low and affect their mental as well as physical well being. Art classes shall help them build self esteem because we encourage them to try new things. We always teach them to celebrate their efforts as each one is best in their own level and make them learn from mistakes- not get upset about it. Each day is an opportunity to find a way for improvement. This creative engagement in art classes restores confidence in young minds and they are able to trust their feelings and have a positive outlook in all aspects of life. 

Learn all the techniques of fine art from our creative team and let your child improve his/her self confidence!

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