Developing Critical Thinking Skills With Art

Critical thinking is the ability to analyze considering all the evidence, facts to form a judgment or come to a conclusion which involves using things like logic, reasoning, and creativity. Developing this skill at a young age generally helps kids to understand things better. Critical thinkers view situations, strategies to conclude unbiased results and often guide us in an ethical direction. Today we will be discussing how art integration instills critical thinking abilities in young children.

Application of colors, building shapes, kneading clay and other types of creative activities require an immense amount of patience and observation. Developing a painting from scratch, or a sculpture from a lump of clay teaches a kid to plan in mind. This planning fosters a good amount of critical thinking as he decides the best way to execute his art works. Not only creating but experiencing art can also improve the way kids think and approach problems. Observing works done by great artists help them to look beyond what is drawn or painted. Informative art sessions in DEX also guide children to interpret and analyze the hidden meanings in artworks and they learn to see the world from multiple angles. This process of observation and study helps teach students to more closely observe and analyze the world around them—skills that make up the bedrock of critical thinking. Teachers in DEX Art encourage students to surface supporting details justifying their interpretations or claims. While creating an artwork, executing the project, observations, planning, everything boosts critical thinking skills in children. In art classes children are taught to explore a lot of traditional as well as contemporary mediums. Live practical demonstrations help them to develop not only creative skills but look into the world with multiple perspectives. It is important to help students navigate their way through the modern world, where countless false information is being spread every day. 

According to education experts, having experience in art comes a long way in improving a student’s overall critical thinking skills. In art classes for kids, students will be exposed to different artworks which perhaps they have never seen before. In these situations, students will be encouraged not only to be tolerant but also to process information and understand what others are trying to interpret with their artwork. Throughout the process of developing their artwork, they will receive constructive feedback on how they can improve their skills. Once a student gets accustomed to working with feedback, they will develop the capability to think critically when it comes to others’ opinion and feedback. When combined, this becomes a valuable experience and will eventually help students to boost their critical thinking skills.

Join our classes and let your child develop his ability to observe, interpret and design creative solutions for any problem!  

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