Developing Language Skills With Art

Language skills are essential for all individuals to convey their feelings or ideas to others with clarity and precision. Initially beginning with sounds and gestures it slowly gets transformed into words and sentences. These skills can be developed through art practices. Today we will look at how art lessons help children in gaining effective communication skills. 

A child is allowed to explore, think and interpret with utmost freedom in art classes. In Dex Art kids not only learn to sharpen their skills but they learn to freely interact while dealing with new mediums, exploring new forms of art in history as well as contemporary times. Painting, drawing, sculpting leads children into new and unexplored areas of subject matter, thus enlarging the arena of verbal expression. Description and analysis of pictures in classes include words relating to position, size and spatial relationships which present opportunities for language development at a higher level. In art classes they are also allowed to analyze colors, forms and interpret which help them to participate more in discussions. Inviting children to talk about their artworks also serves as the foundation for reading and writing skills in children as they progress through their early years. Conversation and writing are greatly stimulated when they try to find out shapes in a painting or identify the mediums while observing an artwork. Visual art also supports language development of students who have difficulty communicating with friends or other people. Young kids are often introverted or too shy to express themselves. For these students the arts can be a valuable tool in fostering language acquisition and development, as well as an alternate means of communication. 

Talking with students about their art or the artwork of others offers an excellent opportunity to build vocabulary skills, develop clear articulation of ideas, and sharpen powers of observation skills. Hence art and craft lessons ensure a child’s development of language and communication skills from a young age.  




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