Exploring Culture with Art

Art is a reflection of our society, culture and traditions. All forms of visual art including drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations not only reflect the ideas or thoughts of an individual artist but it also connects human beings viewing the artworks crossing all barriers and cultural differences. An artwork reflects and represents our value as a society and observing them helps an individual to discover, learn and explore various cultures. 

There is so much diversity in our world as we belong from different races, languages, and religions, it can be difficult to relate. However, pictorial language and other forms of art can help make it easier to understand each other. We don't have the necessity to understand the language because art speaks for all. Art, classes, camps can help us to bring communities, and different cultures together. It is very essential for young children to explore, understand and embrace other cultures apart from their own traditions. This reduces the regional or cultural barriers and makes the world a better place to be in. It is something that can prompt social change by communicating through images, visuals and performances. Artisans & artists have left behind artifacts, paintings, and architectural marvels that remain to this day. These can provide glimpses into what life was like then. Each period in history shows how humanity advanced and developed in art until what it is today. The ongoing search to learn and discover the world all around us is embedded in both of these important facets of life. Art can cross cultural boundaries, as it can be understood in any language and by all social groups. It is the form of communication that helps children to read about our past and discover their roots. There are a lot of well-known paintings depicting history or famed literature. Many art pieces also come from mythical or religious subjects which were used in temples or churches. Also there are a lot of folk/tribal paintings that represent rituals like  weddings, harvesting,etc. These artworks involve a lot of color and creativity. Looking at these works enables us to study how to utilize the available materials, compose a work and capture the happenings in a picture. Children learning to observe and learn about the history and origin of past works, know how to understand the tradition and life of the community who created it. 

Creations always tell stories. They can be created for ritualistic significance, political reasons or depicting personal emotions. The attire, background of a painting, materials used to paint, subject being drawn/sculpted everything speaks of the culture and time the artwork was made. Since prehistoric times man has tried to showcase his life and practices through art and exploring it helps us to discover ancient as well as contemporary cultures. 




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