Healing power of Art

Creative activities like drawing, painting, sculpting can help arrest the cognitive decline, relieve stress, and aid a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that expressing themselves through art enables people to cope with both physical and mental ailments. It has been linked to improving memory, reasoning, and resilience in kids as well as elderly people. 

Mental health has positive connections with colors, clay, design, etc. A well-known form of creating motifs and patterns popularly known as “Mandala art” is an effective tool to increase concentration, promote mental calmness, and provide a relaxing distraction. Focusing on details while creating, releases healthy hormones like dopamine and boosts a sense of self-accomplishment. It enhances confidence and stimulates the brain in terms of flexible and imaginative thinking. Chronic health conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression can be successfully treated with visual languages. People who suffer from these conditions undergo positive experiences when they engage in artistic activities. It helps to strengthen their identity, improves their health, and fosters healthier thought processes. A nonverbal mode of expression through an intuitive graphical representation alleviates behavioral and psychological symptoms in patients suffering from dementia.

Children diagnosed with learning differences or having physical disabilities have difficulty adapting to a regular classroom and enjoying the same activities as their peers. However, art is the only area where all children stand on equal ground. In addition to providing a self-esteem boost, art helps children with learning differences such as dyslexia, ADHD and sensory disorders communicate more effectively and express their subjective emotions. 

Being mindful is being aware and conscious of your thoughts and state of mind. Research proves that specifically engaging with visual art has been found to activate different parts of the brain connected to attention, creative and critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and improved cognition. Playing and experimenting with reusable materials, working with crayons, play doughs, reshaping, constructing all contribute to the development of a healthy brain which improves the academic as well as the overall performance of kids in schools.

Having fun and enjoying ourselves is good for our mental health. A happy mind and soul ensure a happy physique. Creative passions make us happy and a healthy mind is essential for a fruitful stress-free lifestyle. Making things has become a part and parcel of human beings. Some do it as a hobby while some do it for a living. The need to create has stayed in our blood since prehistoric times as we constantly unleash our imaginations and expressions. These kinds of expressions provide a quality life and ensure a better way of living.

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