Different forms of Art


Art can be classified into several forms that include painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, music, dance, theater, photography, and films. Visual art mostly consists of painting, drawing and sketching, graphic design, sculpting which depicts emotion and subjective thoughts through various mediums like oil paints, charcoal, oil pastels, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, ink, etc. 


Applied art is about the functionality and practical implementation of visual art. Architectural design, fashion design, jewelry design, logo, and product design all are forms of applied art. The designs that are innovated by a designer for a building, apparel, or product should have functionality and aesthetic appeal as well. Art determines such creative outcomes for these types of applications in the industry.

Another versatile form of art that is much appreciated and enjoyed by people is performing arts. Dance, music, opera, films, theater, drama, magic shows, and stand-up comedies are all acts done by performing artists. They are often interactive and sometimes nonverbal communication. Music is a strong form of art that uplifts our minds and provides listeners with insight into personal experiences and in-depth interpretations of the world around us. 
 Art also has its form in the digital world where visual content is used to create graphic designs. Graphic designers work with several images and typographical elements to execute their work and communicate a message or story. Often these designs are used to create film posters and other digital advertisements. The graphic design draws inspiration from many art movements, including Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, and Art Deco.



When it comes to the collection of written records of history, criticism, or philosophy, literature is significantly considered as another form of art. It is one of the oldest types of art that spans languages, continents, and eras. Linguistic expressions can be either written (like poems and ballads) or oral like folktales including myth, epics, and legends. Comical illustrations are also a form of art that contains visual elements too along with narrative literature



The art of capturing the world is something that is used by photographers as a medium for creative expression. It often gets classified into commercial terms where the photographer uses the skill to capture for marketing purposes, documenting social issues, etc. Besides that, photographs also have emotional and creative aesthetic content that documents the subjective intent of the photographer. In contemporary times photographs have become a strong language of the art form and we see a lot of photographic artworks displayed in museums and galleries.



All these various forms of art help artists, designers, writers, musicians, dancers, photographers, filmmakers create a representation of their ideas and thoughts. Art has a supreme existence in all these professions and is manifested according to the function and purpose to make this world as we imagine it. 








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