Improving Handwriting With Visual Art

Recent research shows how writing by hand engages the brain in learning. The practice helps with learning letters and shapes, can improve the idea of composition and expression, and may aid fine motor-skill development. Developing good handwriting can be achieved during early years of childhood. Today we will discuss how art activities help a child to improve poor handwriting.

Coloring and painting activities are fundamental to the development of any child especially at their initial stages. They are widely accepted as a great way to teach and embed useful skills. Drawing helps to develop the strength and coordination in the shoulder, wrist and fingers needed for engaging in handwriting tasks. Children know how to grip the pencil properly and control the pencil pressure when they learn drawing. In DEX-Art we teach how to increase or decrease the intensity of pencil lines, improve the strokes and practice all types of shading which involves using the pencil from different directions. It is fun, educational and interactive. These activities aid fine motor skills, mainly the grip of pencil & improves writing skills. Coloring and painting help a child practice to hold the painting/drawing tool the correct way. It develops those tiny muscles in their hands, fingers, and wrist. It is very important for children to have proper grip and control over their writing as well as coloring tools. Poor handwriting can be a hindrance to fine motor development, space management, and visual perceptual skills that interfere with neatness in written work. Practice sessions in art classes include mindful creations of lines, learning about line quality & depth, drawing shapes, knowing how to compose, maintain balance & harmony in an artwork, etc.  For the younger crowd, all these activities are great for developing writing skills, too. Because managing the space, controlling the pencil pressure, arrangement of alphabets needs to be considered to write neatly. Children also develop their visual abilities in drawing/painting classes. The more they learn ways of seeing, the more they learn to apply the fundamentals of seeing in their written works. For young kids coloring in the shapes encourages the motor skills which are needed to move the pencil while writing. 

Drawing/painting pictures or other creative activities helps children begin to develop awareness of orientation and spacing of shapes. Beginning to write before a child can draw the basic shapes needed for all the letters may lead the child to form letters poorly, have difficulty with spacing and orientation of letters. So art classes are helpful for children to develop & improve their handwriting.



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