Learning Art For A Healthy Brain

Fine art has positive impacts on different parts of the brain. Art accesses many of the advanced processes of the human brain, such as intuitive analysis, expressivity, and embodied cognition. When you're able to think creatively it can open you up to finding new solutions you otherwise wouldn't have thought of. Today we will learn about how visual art can enhance our brain activities and improve our brain health.

An increasing amount of scientific evidence proves art enhances brain function and well-being. It impacts brain wave patterns, emotions, and the nervous system. When we look at an artwork, we observe, analyze and it stimulates the brain in substantial and long-lasting ways. Viewing art can create new neural pathways in the brain because this happens through sensorial experience. Parts of our brain get engaged as we try to understand the medium, the time of the creation, the techniques used and methods applied. Both experiencing and creating artwork help the mind to explore all the rules of composition, use of color theories and implement the principles of balance and perspective. Art is not a mere expression of feelings or thoughts but it has an immense significance in our daily life. Out of the 11 million sensory receptors present in the human body, 10 million are dedicated to sight or vision. According to scientific studies half of the brain’s resources are used for vision. Hence we are more dependent on vision than any other sense and we hugely rely on it in all aspects of life. Due to this reason doctors nowadays prescribe certain kinds of  patients to visit art museums. Many hospitals also have started to include art exhibitions and installations. Color is also an important stimulus for the brain because 80 percent of our sensory impressions come from our visual system. Colors can do more than we think. They can affect not only your mood but also your energy level, sleep pattern, blood pressure and can also increase our visual memory. Since color affects gray matter, it is also helpful for students having difficulty to remember. Mixing and application of colors are practically demonstrated in art classes which enable them to increase their brain functions.

Through art, we can change our perspectives, expand our minds, release our feelings, and destress ourselves. It also shapes the way we observe, examine and recollect colors and forms. When we connect with art, we are ultimately connecting with our inner selves. This can change the way we think, look for broader meanings and help us to bring up creative solutions. All these activities are directly related to the brain and when we see better, we think better. Hence art helps our brain to remain healthy by arousing our power to see the world from all perspectives. 

Join our art classes to learn all the mediums of visual art, improve your observation skills and develop your creative thinking!

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