Learning Engagements Through Art

It is widely accepted that art conveys important insight into the way we order and understand the world. It is also widely acknowledged that art gives a certain degree of meaning to our lives. Practicing art in particular, can elicit new beliefs and even new knowledge about the world. Today we will shed light upon the fact how studying visual arts provides learning engagements to students.

Learner engagement is a measure that reflects the quantity and quality of a learner's participation in their courses and every other aspect of their educational program. Also, it echoes a learner's interaction and cooperation with his/her co-learners and instructors. Art sessions help a learner to explore the experience and reality of being human and are an essential element of culture. It is also like creating a bridge between personal knowledge and shared knowledge. DEX Art classes aim at the holistic development of every kid ensuring their development in communication, behavioral & creative skills. Our trained team of facilitators guide children through all the mediums and techniques of art. We have interactive sessions where we choose class projects (drawing, painting, clay works, etc) not only based on the drawing but considering the different types of art forms practiced all around the world. This helps children to stay connected with all forms of traditional art forms, understand & appreciate culture. They come across the visual art practiced at any corner of the globe, learn about the evolution of art from ancient to contemporary times. Art helps you process your emotions and understand your surroundings. It allows you to see life from a different perspective and it makes you feel alive. It has always been an important part of human society since the beginning of time. Art has been used as a tool for cultural exchange, education, and expression. Communication in art can occur through many different elements of a work. Some of the more noticeable elements can include symbols, allegories, colors, or even the actual medium itself. It can express common values, virtues, and morals that we can all understand and feel which can  bridge the gap between different racial groups, religious groups, dialects, and ethnicities.

Hence enrolling in fine art classes not only helps students unleash their creative potential but also remain aware of the variety of mediums used across all cultures. This fosters informative learning engagements as they get to know about different types of cultures, beliefs & processes used by human beings to invent as well as plan for the new. 



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