Learning Self Control With Art

Before understanding how forms of visual art helps a child to develop self control, let us look at what self control is and why it is important in our life. Self-control is a cognitive process through which an individual is able to regulate one's emotions, thoughts, and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses. It is essential for kids to learn how to regulate their behavior in order to achieve long term goals.

Though influenced by genetics, experiences can also play an important part in developing control over undesirable thoughts and behaviors. It implies that one can strengthen his/her abilities to control self behavior with effort and practice. This can become much easier with art lessons. Studying an art form requires and inculcates self-discipline. No matter what art forms are placed before us, be it a painting or sculpture, disciplined processes need to be followed if we are to perceive and express them. Since self control is involved with managing the mind, controlling emotions, it also requires a healthy brain function. Art is a meditative process which helps kids to master their mind and soul. The information provided during art sessions about the medium, chronology, socio economic conditions while analyzing any artwork helps them to grow their critical thinking abilities. Exploring new techniques, learning to experiment with new mediums, developing their skills of innovating, organizing, planning, hence knowing how to control the mind to get the desired results. Kids need to be able to manage their thoughts, actions, and feelings. To do that, they need self-control — a skill that lets them put on the brakes and think before they act. Learning to make decisions during the creative process of building an artwork stimulates the thoughts of children before they jump to a conclusion. Self-control is a skill that develops over time. It lets kids manage their emotions, impulses, and movements. While working with paints, clay or doing craft activities young children engage their mind as well as body in a healthy manner. Little movements become very important when they try to build or create something. It also brings out the hidden emotions, and also teaches them to portray their thoughts in a limited pictorial space. They work with dimensions, understand composition, how to balance and develop harmony in their work. All these add up to hone their mindfulness about managing emotions, developing strategies to handle situations before reacting which means they learn to self control.

In this fast paced world kids can get easily distracted as a lot is happening around them and there is easy access to anything and everything they want. It is very important to teach them self control not only to focus on their life goals but to grow as better humans. And art is the best way to teach them how to develop self control, make mindful decisions and take care of their behavior.

Join us to help your child control his emotions while exploring different mediums of art!

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