Positive Power of Art

Positive thinking is not about just having good thoughts, but to feel and believe in rightfully getting what we want. It is commonly understood that we all manifest our thoughts, but in reality, we manifest the feelings behind those thoughts. Thought is a force and it has immense power. Today we will discuss how art practice helps to manifest good thoughts and positive thinking in humans.

Have you ever observed that painting, drawing, or creating any artwork makes you feel relaxed and happy? Art in any form, whether while creating or observing, reduces the stress hormone known as cortisol. It also releases the hormones that make us feel good (endorphins) and help us combat stress and pain. Creation lets you enjoy a sense of fulfillment, it transforms you into a more positive, well-rounded human being. It increases dopamine secretion which develops an optimistic attitude in life. It significantly improves the connectivity between memory, self-monitoring, and introspection. Working with new challenging mediums, and experimenting with techniques, maximizes our power to focus and betters our problem-solving abilities. By enhancing the health of your mind and body, also delays aging and fights forgetfulness or dementia in old people. Creating art is an absolutely rewarding feeling. You are giving birth to something from within yourself; something entirely original that can be shared with the world and something that has pure intrinsic value. Thoughts and feelings receive forms when we paint them. Painting is like visible poetry. While you spend those hours alone with your creativity, engaged in your creative task, you will find your mindset and your thoughts in a state of complete freedom, away from anxiety, negativity, and stress. You experience a flow that is beyond the expression of words. This helps you to be calm and collected in all other aspects of life too. Art takes you deep into your personal development. An intense engagement in art helps the mind to churn out new ideas, thoughts, and imagery, all in a positive way. No vitamin or mental supplement can do what art can do to you. Creating your artwork is the ultimate mental boost you can ever experience in your life. 

The creative expression that you pursue through your art gives incredible meaning to your existence. It helps to conquer your internal negativity, gives a boost to your self-esteem, and leads to positive personal growth. Yet, most of us end up spending our valuable time watching television and engaging ourselves with social media. Part of the day is spent consuming misleading information and responding to all the useless stuff that ends up bombarding our lives. It is only through art that we can find a release from all of that. So it is truly essential to get involved in art practices to ensure the positive well-being of our health and mind.

If you haven’t created any form of art till now, it only means you haven’t tried doing it. Join our live classes to learn all the techniques and concepts of visual art.


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