The Art of Designing Logos

Before understanding the significance of art in creating logos let us understand the definition and importance of a logo. A logo can be defined as a symbol, emblem, or mark of identification that resembles a company, organization, or brand. It can consist of text accompanied by a symbolic image or any abstract or figurative design that promotes public recognition. They're meant to visually communicate the unique identity of the brand and what it represents. Some qualities are involved in creating a successful design and art helps to accomplish this creative process. 

There are certain features of a logo design that includes simplicity, versatility, relatability, and durability. Creating a smart and timeless logo can be crucial and this is where the knowledge of art and design helps to make the job much easier and more effective than you can think of! A professional logo designer will always consider the perfect selection of design elements to create the business symbol. Design elements such as shape, lines, colors, and typeface in the hands of an experienced graphic designer can turn a logo into a spectacular marketing tool. A logo design having a strategic use of these and other elements is an asset for a business. Such a logo can even help turn a small business into a trustworthy brand. 

Visual art practices widen the ability to make better choices and decisions. When a logo is being created the artist/designer makes his best decision when it comes to the selection of lines and strokes, choice of the color palette, implementation of shapes, balancing the visual space, and choosing the suitable typeface that gives a touch of personality to the logo. Both 2D and 3D art provide the concepts of perspectives, dimensions, and arrangements of the positive and negative spaces which is crucial for giving birth to a new and unique logo design. Scaling is another significant factor that needs to be considered while designing a logo. For example, Steve Jobs had to rethink the old logo of his apple tech company which was hard to scale to a small size considering its detail. He commissioned Rob Janoff to create a new logo. Janoff created the now-classic logo of the bitten apple which is renowned worldwide.

Designing a logo is not about the computer or the software that is used to digitize the logo, it's about the idea and the process that is taken to get to that idea. The idea needs to get developed as a solid concept in the sketchbook first. Drawing and sketching is the initial and vital stage of ideation. The computer and its software is just a tool; it does not design for you. Ideas come from within, the concepts are executed by the designer before a computer is even turned on. 

In the end, we can see visual art plays an integral role in designing impressive and aesthetically pleasing visuals of a logo that promotes the authentic identification and recognition of brands to the audience or customers.  

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