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Art can be defined as some kind of involvement or creative practices that helps human beings to express emotions, thoughts, feelings and experiences. It is often representational reflecting realism and often it is abstract forming out of the subconscious or imaginations. When humans perceive beauty or pain in an experience, they try to express it through a language that can be read, heard, felt or seen. That language is art which speaks about the feeling, be it joy or pain. Art takes us through the journey a person or a group of persons undergo while experiencing something. 

Online Art Classes
 We have a colorful and diverse world that has been created by us and for us to explore. And art is the way we document this exploration. Even before man learnt how to speak, man knew how to draw and paint, how to make tools, how to sculpt jewelry. Art has been predominantly significant since the dawn of civilizations where we see extreme cultural and philosophical expressions. 


Paleolithic Cave Art
Altamira cave painting
c.a. 13,000-11,000 B.C.E.

The meaning of art is not only restricted to expression of feelings and emotions. It is also an intellectual output that serves utilitarian or ritualistic purposes of
mankind. The temples, architectural marvels, products and automobiles all are
examples of artistic intelligence that defines art as amalgamation of emotion as
well as utility. These expressions of ideas have eventually evolved the meaning and dimensions of art in the long run. When it comes to the aesthetic appearance of a creation, it becomes visually appealing when rendered with proper skill and expertise. This way of representing creative thought processes is significantly noted as art.

School of Athens by Raphael
Renaissance painting
  c.a. 1509-1511 A.D.

 Art also has massive religious and iconic significance throughout world history. It has been a strong tool to create public or political awareness, to heal people psychologically, to commercialize innovative ideas through tangible or intangible forms. Any social or personal engagement that germinates new thoughts and teaches us to sustain creativity can be truly signified as art.



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