Art as a Therapy

Visual art not only helps to learn new skills and improve your creative abilities but it also promotes healing by tapping into and revealing an individual’s deepest thoughts and feelings. Research indicates that it might be helpful for students with a wide variety of conditions, from eating or writing disorders to trauma. Art therapy encourages creative expression through painting, drawing, or modeling. Through the creative process, individuals brought to light unconscious thoughts and feelings that they might have repressed.

A child in an art class learns a lot of things including concepts of colors, building shapes, identifying patterns, space management which helps to develop psychomotor skills and initiates cognitive growth. Using paints, kneading clay, working with pencils, and filling colors all have significance in positive brain function of young children. Students who have difficulty in learning or concentrating, get largely benefited after joining art classes because mindful creative activities increase their ability to focus and improve their grasping power. Engagement with different kinds of fine art mediums also helps children with special needs to calm down and express their feelings, thoughts easily on paper/canvas. It helps to regain their sense of freedom and control. Art also teaches us to be patient because art cannot be rushed. We need to control the pencil, colors and brush with utmost patience to get the desired output. Waiting for the first tone to dry a bit before applying the second tone is a very crucial observation while doing watercolors whereas in acrylic to get a perfectly blended sky we have to be quick enough to merge all the colors before the initial layers get dry. These little observations in art classes help little learners to develop control, be good decision makers so that they know when exactly to mix and apply the colors. 

Another power of art is that it enables a child to communicate with the world. When a child works on a painting, he also shares with his viewers what feelings he has within. In DEX Art we encourage the kids to improvise and add their own touches so that they connect with what they create. While discussing their works they develop effective communication skills which helps them in their academics. Hence joining art classes can be a true therapy if children have difficulty to concentrate, communicate, express or overcome their indecisive nature. 



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