Mission & Objectives

Bay Area Young Talent offers an on-site Talent Enrichment program in Fine Arts, Science, Maths to students in kindergarten through eleventh grade.

Our Aim is to Inspire kids and help them to realize their innate talents and develop an all round personality. Introduce her to the achievements and techniques of experts and let her witness them in action. I  ut finding and nurturing special talents in children and youth, and seeing those students and their talents blossom, are among the great joys of teaching. In fact, our task in school should be to do both—to teach basic skills well and as early as possible, and to identify and nurture students' strengths.

The talent development program at Anoka-Hennepin schools

The Bay Area Young Talent School is committed to providing learning experiences that enable every student to meet his/her potential. The district’s talent development (TD) program provides a continuum of curriculum services and supports enrichment opportunities that respond to the varied needs of our academically advanced learners.