When: Jan 27, 2024

Time: 9:30 AM PST - 11:30 AM PST

Where: Online Zoom 

Age: 10 - 15 Years

Fee: $12

Unlock the World of Pichwai Painting with Dex Art Academy.

Are you ready to embark on a colorful journey into the enchanting realm of Pichwai Painting? Dex Art Academy invites young artists aged 10-15 years to join our exclusive Pichwai Painting Art Workshop, where creativity knows no bounds!

✨ About Pichwai Painting:

Originating from the holy town of Nathdwara in Rajasthan, India, Pichwai Painting is a traditional art form that beautifully captures the essence of devotion and spirituality. Known for its intricate detailing, vibrant colors, and divine themes, Pichwai Painting has been a source of inspiration for artists across generations.

🌟 What to Expect:

Our Pichwai Painting Art Workshop is designed to nurture the artistic talents of young minds. Guided by experienced and passionate instructors, participants will delve into the world of Pichwai Painting, learning techniques, brushwork, and the cultural significance behind each stroke


🌟 What to Expect:

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in hands-on sessions that encourage creativity and self-expression.
  • Cultural Exploration: Discover the rich heritage and stories embedded in Pichwai Painting.
  • Personalized Guidance: Benefit from one-on-one guidance from skilled instructors.
  • Artistic Expression: Encourage imagination and originality through unique art projects.
  • Take-Home Masterpiece: Create your own Pichwai masterpiece to showcase your newfound skills.

🌟 How to Register:

Secure your spot in the Dex Art Academy Pichwai Painting Art Workshop by calling us at 925-457-4497. Limited seats are available, so don't miss out on this opportunity to ignite your passion for art!

You can also Register directly on our website below.

Register for Pichwai Painiting workhop from Dex Art Aademy

🌟 Why Choose Dex Art Academy:

At Dex Art Academy, we believe in fostering a love for art in a supportive and inspiring environment. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping young artists explore their potential and develop their artistic skills. Join us on this artistic journey and watch your creativity bloom!

🌟 Let Your Imagination Soar - Register Today!

Don't let this opportunity pass by. Register for the Pichwai Painting Art Workshop and uncover the magic of this traditional art form. For inquiries, contact us at 925-457-4497.

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