Water Colors - Level I

Water Colors - Level I
Water Colors - Level I

Time: Fridays 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM PST


Watercolors are type of paint that can be mixed with water to create
translucent layers of color on paper. Anyone can paint with watercolors, from toddlers to professional artists. Watercolors are often used by still life and landscape artists. They work well with soluble color pencils. Its cheaper and easy to use and maintain. Its a fast medium for sketching. Watercolors can easily be finished in under half an hour with is ideal for small format work as its extremely portable. No other mediums except water are necessary to finish a painting.

What You'll Learn

  • Different Material and tools required for water color painting
  • How to use various tools and how to get started
  • Most important Watercolor techniques
  • Color theory, hues, tints, shades and tones
  • Color mixing and application of watercolors in different ways
  • Work on projects in each class

Materials Needed

    Purchase these required materials before the start of classes.

    Please check the materials list from FAQ page


    • Introduction of watercolor and various techniques
    • Flower with single color
    • The beach with single color
    • Birds with single color
    • Color mixing chart and landscape
    • Forest
    • Sunset
    • Hills station
    • Festival of lights
    • Heritage building