Learn Scratch Programming - Animation

Learn Scratch Programming - Animation
Learn Scratch Programming - Animation

When: Duration 3  Months

2 Classes per week

Timings: Monday and Wednesday 5:30 PM PST

Scratch is a free programming language developed by MIT that makes it easy to create interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art, and share your creations on the web. Scratch can run from within a modern web browser or downloaded as an app.The event-driven language is fairly easy for anyone to learn, regardless of age. Scratch rewards tweaking and playing, either from a blank slate or by modifying existing code.Scratch also is used in formal classrooms, from kindergarten through high school, K-12. The use of blocks people configure to create animations is well suited for teaching the language in short lessons.


What You'll Learn

  • Learn programming through scratch.
  • Learnt to create some popular games like  Flappy Bird, Duck Hunt or Pac-Man.
  • Create smart and fun games
  • Create animation and cool effects
  • Understand computer science concepts by intuitively applying them in games

Materials Needed

    • Laptop / Tablet


      • Week 1- Class 1: Introduction to Scratch
      • Week 2- Class 2: Scratch Fundamentals
      • Week 3- Class 1: Basic components of Scratch blocks
      • Week 4- Class 2: Incorporate visual and sound effects
      • Week 5- Class 1: Selection and condition in Scratch
      • Week 6- Class 2: Loop and conditions
      • Week 7- Class 1: Nested loops, Operators, Conditions
      • Week 8- Class 2: Procedures and variables in Scratch
      • Week 9- Class 1: Working with Sprite
      • Week 10- Class 2: Sound and Sound Effects
      • Week 11- Class 1: Sensing the Environment
      • Week 12- Class 2: Variables and Operators
      • Week 13- Class 1: Understanding Cloud Variables
      • Week 14- Class 2: Calling Customer Scripts
      • Week 15- Class 1: Sensing Variables
      • Week 16- Class 2: Controls Operations & Conditions